ERGs and High-Performance Leadership

San Diego, CA, USA – June 11, 2015 - The Elevate ERG Academy proudly presents the list of "2015 Best Companies for Employee Resource Groups" which recognizes companies that excel at leveraging, cultivating and empowering ERGs.

The companies in the top ten include:
1st (tied)  Booz Allen Hamilton
1st (tied)  Fidelity Investments
2nd (tied) Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)
2nd (tied) MUFG Union Bank, N.A.
3rd             General Motors Company
4th             Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.
5th             Bank of America
6th             Northrop Grumman Corporation
7th             Aramark
8th             Northern Trust

What differentiates these rankings? Elevate leverages a third-party committee from our partners. This separates the sponsorship process from the rankings process to make it objective in order to ensure the integrity of the selection process. According to Jim Case, Director of the Career Center at Cal State Fullerton, “The structured and fair process reflects the integrity of the university partnerships. We’re proud to engage in the Elevate ERG Rankings to encourage workplace diversity and volunteerism.” He further expressed that “ERGs are transforming the workplace to reflect a global market, which will enable organizations to leverage the power of their diversity to be more successful with the products and services they produce.”

The methodology used includes the following key metrics:

  • Recruitment
  • Professional Development
  • Networking
  • Business Development
  • Product Development
  • Supplier Diversity
  • Diversity Awareness & Appreciation
  • Community Impact
  • Executive Champion Engagement
  • Succession Planning
  • Support & Empowerment

According to Elevate’s Chair, Vu H. Pham, Ph.D., “According to our research, if ERGs are optimized and leveraged effectively, they can yield thousands of percent in annualized Return-on-Investment (ROI) for their organizations. This mostly stems from their workplace, workforce and marketplace engagements. Beyond monetary ROI, ERGs have even saved lives in emergency efforts.” Dr. Pham further reinforced that ERGs are often under-leveraged and the Elevate ERG Academy provides a vehicle to develop ERG talent and unlock their potential.

“These ERGs provide an excellent resource for their organizations, as well as to the communities they serve. As one of the universities in the country, we are proud to engage with ERGs from different organizations to develop a diverse workforce,” stated Sean Gil, Director of the Career Center at UC Riverside. Gil expressed his enthusiasm to “see healthy and objective competition that will increase the quality of, and raise the bar for, ERGs. The workforce will greatly benefit from these rankings and from the Elevate ERG Academy.”

What is the Elevate ERG Academy and Forum?
Elevate comprises a partnership with California State University—Fullerton; the University of California—Riverside; the University of California—San Diego and Spectrum Knowledge. Cal State Fullerton and UC Riverside are two of the most diverse universities in their respective systems. The ERG Academy helps align Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) with their organization's key business goals and enhances a company’s Return on Investment (ROI). It synergizes the collective knowledge, best practices and passion of ERGs across organizations.
The national Elevate Joint ERG Summit & Elevate Forum is a signature event that gathers senior executives from major Fortune 500-level organizations as thought leaders and advisors. Taking place annually during the first week of June, the invitation-only event showcases senior executives in ERG best practices and Leadership Lightning Talks of 3 minutes or less.

The Elevate Employee Resource Group (ERG) Academy Releases the Best Companies for ERGs