Audria Pendergrass Lee


ERGs and High-Performance Leadership

Audria Pendergrass Lee serves as Director of Diversity and Worklife at FINRA. Since joining the organization in 2009, Audria has facilitated the creation of an award-winning diversity leadership council, launched mentoring programs and employee resource groups, overseen the implementation of organization-wide diversity training and made significant enhancements to flexible work arrangements and other diversity programming efforts. She also manages the federal contractor (workforce) compliance program.

Audria, who holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of South Carolina and M.A. in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix, has worked as a diversity program manager, new service development director and paralegal in a variety of industries, including the military, financial services, distribution and educational services. For more than 20 years she has been driving meaningful organizational change—most recently through the creation and deployment of infrastructure, resources and tools that help foster a culture of diversity and inclusion and build an environment that supports work/life balance.

Director, Diversity & WorkLife, FINRA - Financial Industry Regulatory Authority