Daniel W. Arnall

Chief Learning Officer

Puget Sound Naval Shipyard

Daniel Arnall is Chief Learning Officer at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. He is responsible for Command University and the commands System of Development.


Daniel has been a part of the Navy team for over 20 years. Joining the Navy as a Gas Turbine Mechanic in 1993, he served aboard the USS ARLEIGH BURKE with deployments to Bosnia and the North Atlantic. Upon leaving active duty, he continued service in the Naval Reserves, serving in the SWCC Special Boats Unit for a few years.


In 1999, Daniel began his apprenticeship at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard with the Marine Machinery group (Shop 38). Primary focus was on aircraft carrier propulsion plant repair, maintenance, and testing, until being promoted to foreman, where he supervised submarine ordinance and shafting / steering and diving work. After fulfilling these duties for a few years, Daniel was promoted to aircraft carrier zone manager, focusing in propulsion plants and shafting / rudder repair and maintenance. After completing multiple projects, he eventually moved to the Propulsion and Auxiliary product family, managing the shafting, steering and diving cell. This lead to an interest in LEAN and Six Sigma principles, theory of constraints and change management theory. While advancing knowledge in these interests, Daniel became the Process Improvement Manager for the Inside Shop Product Line (C1060). During this time he completed NAVSEA Six Sigma Black Belt College and obtained the practitioners certificate for the PROCI Change Management Model. Daniel went back to Shop 38 as the shops Work Force Development Director, where he developed the current processes for the shop’s workforce and leadership development, as well as hiring and promotion management.  In 2020, Daniel was selected as the Machine Shop (Shop 31) Trade Superintendent. During this time, he assisted in leading corporate efforts to improve machine shop capacity and capabilities throughout the organization via Naval Systems Sustainment-Shipyard (NSSSY).


Daniel currently sits on the Diversity Leadership Council. He is also a member Federal Managers Association local chapter and sits on the Executive Board of the National Association of Superintendents as the chapter treasurer, as well as the Diversity committee.


Married and a father of three adult daughters, Daniel enjoys traveling to Hawaii to visit his wife’s family and enjoy the “Island Life”. He is an elder in his church, and leads the bible studies for his area. His hobbies include home improvements, building model cars and boats, and watching, coaching and playing sports.