2017 Speaker Profile – Fishbone, Brian

Fishbone_Brian_Pic_rec'd 05-25-16_FOUND
Brian Fishbone

Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Crew Resource Groups (CRGs) Vanguard


Hi, I'm Brian Fishbone, and I love combining my passion for education and community building with my unflappable optimism to help others do, be, and feel better. I do this in business by asking thoughtful questions and listening actively; identifying and engaging the right stakeholders in producing the most good for the most people (the utilitarian in me!), uniting them to build effective, collaborative communities that deliver business results, and then getting out of their way so that they can change the world in ways I could never do alone. 


The journey has brought me to 30+ countries and given my life powerful meaning. I have been lucky enough to design and deliver corporate learning that propelled the careers of thousands of Sprint and Delaware Investments employees; collaborate with deeply experienced learning professionals at record pace to help Vanguard crew members worldwide thrive in formal and informal leadership roles; and teach college students and businesspeople ethics and communication, from Philadelphia to Seoul. Currently, I help build and sustain employee resource groups that make Vanguard's crew members feel more included and engaged in delivering on the company's core purpose: to take a stand for all investors, treat them fairly, and give them the best chance for investment success.


My favorite quote comes from the play Angels in America, “The world only spins forward – the great work begins!” Fluent in Spanish, I also love the quote, “También en la dificultad hay una luz que te orienta (Even in difficulty, there is a light that will guide you).”